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Distribution Software is designed for wholesales, distributors, and manufacturers that are looking to purchase distribution software or wholesale distribution software. This site is designed to provide comprehensive information on the different types of distribution software available. It will also provide some tips for sucessfully implementing the software and how to organize this implementation. We do not sell software on this site - our goal is to provide the informaiton that managers need before they talk to vendors.

Some of the articles that we offer are designed to assist managers in making a purchasing decision for distribution software. These articles contain some of the types of distribution software, the benefits of distribution software, information on cutting edge technology such as RFIDs, and wholesale distribution software. Shortly we plan to have reviews of particular products on this site and welcome our site visitors to share some of the experiences that they have had implementing various distribution software types.

We also realize that we are not the only resource available. We are currently developing our comprehensive distribution and wholesale software directory. This directory will contain links to distribution software providers, trade publications, and other sites that feature information on distribution software. We will also provide links to sites with information on warehouse management, distribution, supply chain management, sales force automation, or customer relationship management.

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