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Wholesale Distribution Software Benefits
In the days before wholesale distribution software use was widespread, employees spend many tedious hours writing down orders by hand and then carrying reams of paper back to the main office, where orders were either entered manually into ledgers or, at best, laboriously typed into primitive back-office computers. Salespeople spent much of their time shuffling paperwork and entering orders, which prevented them from doing much more selling. And the fact that orders were hand-written many times over often introduced errors into orders, which irritated customers. Invoices often ran months behind, which lost companies valuable revenue, and caused uncertainty in accounts receivable.

It also wasn't unusual back then for a company's inventory to be off by a hundred dollars or so. Now, with automated software systems, the norm is a dollar off. Automation also helps to sell more add-on products; when a salesperson enters an order, the system can immediately list items that would complement whatever is being sold. Now, using automated systems, with two keystrokes employees can pull up an invoice along with a signed copy of the order instead of spending an hour digging through various file cabinets and hoping to locate the right document. The software also has the capability to expedite shipping by seeking out the lowest rates available and locking them in. This saves money and drastically reduces the time required to ship out orders. Additionally, companies are seeing less confusion and frustration in the back office and higher profits along with more sales.

Wholesale distribution software saves time and increases efficiency by automating the invoice process and tracking accounts receivable so that orders no longer slip through the cracks. It also allows customers to get current information in real time on their laptop screens--gone are the days of the salesperson's having to say, "I'll need to get back to you on that." Company personnel are also seeing a reduction in the number of questions they have to field, since most potential questions are addressed on the order itself, which can be called up in its entirety with just a few keystrokes.

Installing wholesale distribution software isn't easy, but the investment can quickly pay for itself as the business gains the inventory confidence necessary to grow. When a company makes a full commitment to installing such a system and establishes a relationship with an experienced, competent software vendor, gains are often realized immediately. Orders can be written faster, changes can be implemented on the fly, and customers can track their orders online. When salespeople are freed up to sell more instead of spending time processing orders, more product gets sold. Orders become part of the system within seconds, and since answers to frequent questions are contained within the order, which is available to the customer at any time, companies have seen reductions in their phone bills and have had to spend less time supporting customers.

Businesses now have more room to grow with distribution software because huge mounds of paperwork no longer exist for them. Sales orders are no longer written up five separate times and filed. Even auditors have an easier time of it, since they no longer have to uncrate heavy boxes of paperwork--they merely go online to the database. The company will gradually find that the benefits will also flow over into other functional areas that are not directly involved with the warehouse.

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