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There are many different types of distribution software. However, almost all distribution software or wholesale distribution software will fall into on our two categories: Client Application or Browser Based Interface. Client Application type distribution software is generally composed of two parts, the main application that resides on a server and client applications that are installed and then reside on desktops, pda systems, or scanners. Browser based applications reside on a central server and are accessible by all devices using the standard web browser. This article will outline the benfits and drawbacks of each type of distribution software.

In terms of usability, it is important that all people in your organization are able to learn how to use the distribution software quickly and effectively. Both types of software can be written to be usable. The key in terms of usability is that the software has been installed already and the company behind the distribution software is committed to improving the usability of the software with each new version. Moreover, the distribution software needs to be intuitive and easy for every employee to use.

Employees also need to be able to access the distribution software. This goes with usability as well. Since the popularity of the Internet has increased dramatically in the past several years, many people are becoming better at surfing the web and proficient at using a standard web browser. This fact alone makes using browser based distribution software more practical since most people do not have to receive training or support to use a web browser. In addition, software whose interfaces are designed for a browser will likely be more familiar to people than client based distribution software types.

In terms of overall maintenance. web based distribution software is easier to maintain when all other things are equal. This is because the only place that the distribution software resides is on the server. With client application distribution software, each computer, terminal, or PDA needs to have software installed on it. This can cause problems since the client application will need to be removed and reinstalled if a system is lost, damaged, or stolen. Moreover, it can be more difficult for client applications to talk to the server, especially if there are proprietary access codes or protocols that may not interact well with a network's security.

When the distribution software is installed, generally browser based software is easier to install than client applications since there is no need to install client distribution software on each machine. Both types of applications need to be installed on the server, and this process does vary in complexity with different types of distribution software and different types of implementations.

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